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This visualizaton has been developed by the Open Water Foundation to illustrate changes in irrigated acreage in South Platte Basin of Colorado, using data from the South Platte Decision Support System (SPDSS). Changes in the amount of agriculture, the method of irrigation, and the source of water is highlighted.

The intent of this visualization is to dynamically visualize 3 separate variables over time. The visualization is configured to plot separate datasets as 'bubble' markers on the chart. These markers move across the chart to show 2 variables (x and y), while also varying in size, representing a third variable. Changes span a period of time.

See more about Motion Charts.



The legend on the upper-right corner of the visualization doubles as a tool to select one or more groups, indicated by color. In this visualization, markers for a specific river basin (water district) can be highlighted.


Marker Selection:

The dropdown/search menu on the right side of the visualization (below the group selector) allows specific markers to be selected. Markers can be toggled on or off. It is also possible to highlight specific markers on the visualization by clicking on them once.


Toggle Tracer:

The visualization defaults to not show tracers. Tracers can be toggled on, which will result in a line showing the path of a marker as it moves through time.


Time Slider:

The time slider at the bottom of the visualization is interactive. Drag to move the visualization across points of time(*), or use the controls located below the year slider to play, pause, replay the visualization, or move the visualization forward/backward by interval.

* Moving the slider across time too quickly will reflect in the tracers that track the data, and may result in spontaneous behavior through the display of the tracers.


Speed Slider:

Click and drag the Speed slider to change the speed at which the visualization will play.


Data Values/Interpolation:

At the bottom of the visualization there is a data view area. Hovering over a marker will cause the associated data for the marker at the current display time to be shown in the data view area. The visualization itself interpolates across all points of time to fill in data points in order to fluidly display the animation. However, the data view area will only display the raw data used as the input data for the visualization. The units of time on the time slider are the same as the intervals for the input data. The visualization may interpolate any data missing from these specific intervals of time if it missing in the input data. This functionality may be revised in the future to carry forward values.



The annotation view area display annotations specified as general annotations. The SPDSS dataset does not include annotations at this time.

Input Data

The input data for the visualization can be seen by clicking on the Data tab. The source for data is listed in the Sources tab.


This visualizaton has been developed by the Open Water Foundation.

This visualization uses a template based on Open Water Foundation variant of the "Gapminder" tool.

Source data for the visualization was downloaded from the South Platte Decision Support System (SPDSS) StateCU consumptive use model dataset.