This website provides access to water resources data visualizations.
The Open Water Foundation creates visualizations on projects and for OWF initiatives.

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Visualization ID Focus Spatial Extent Temporal Extent Preview Image Description Visualization Link
co-irrigated-ag-animation Agriculture, urban Colorado Historical 1900s-2000s (annual) co-irrigated-ag-animation Animated GIF (and 5-year images) showing change in irrigated agricultural over time, created using irrigated lands data from Colorado's Decision Support Systems (CDSS). This visualization is under development. Irrigated agriculture animation website
cdss-webapp-snodas-tools Water supply from snowpack Colorado 2003-current (daily) cdss-webapp-snodas-tools SNODAS Snowpack products for Colorado water supply basins. This is a separate dataset that provides information even when SNOTEL stations are not available or have melted out. CDSS SNODAS Tools Website
cwcb-viz-co-watershed-plans Varies, basin planning Colorado Recent snapshot cwcb-viz-co-watershed-plans Watershed plans available as links from basin map. This is a prototype created to illustrate visualization of a simple list of watershed plans. HUC8 map of watershed plans
owf-viz-co-snodas-gapminder SNODAS water year animation Colorado Water year 2016 owf-viz-co-snodas-gapminder SNODAS snowpack animation using Gapminder. This is an experiment - various combinations of parameters and water years are being tried and additional visualizations will be added in the future. Colorado Water Year 2016 SNODAS Gapminder Animation
owv-viz-co-spdss-ag-gapminder Agriculture sprinkler acreage Colorado, South Platte Basin SPDSS period 1950-2013 (annual) owf-viz-co-spdss-ag-gapminder South Platte irrigated acreage animation using Gapminder. View how irrigated acreage and use of sprinkler irrigation have changed over time. This is an experiment - various combinations of parameters are being tried and additional visualizations will be added in the future. South Platte Irrigated Acreage
urban-water-system Urban All All urban-water-system Diagram of urban water system, showing components where water can be quantified, to understand water use efficiency. View diagram on GitHub Gist